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Drinking Water in the Modesto area comes primarily from one source, Tuolumne River, which begins high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  While these mountains are beautiful to look at, the water coming off of it does come with some inherent risks.  Because the water coming out of your tap is obtained from a surface water source, there are certain things you need to know about your water.

Surface water sources (water that originates in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.) are exposed to the elements, it leaves the water source vulnerable.  One of the main risks that this water is susceptible to is its ability to absorb contaminants that aren’t good for human consumption.  Although the bulk of these contaminants are naturally-occurring substances, which include biomaterials and minerals, they are not pleasant to have in your drinking water.  One of the major factors that affect the contaminant levels in your water is seasonal temperature change.  During the warmer months, late spring and early summer, the warm weather contributes to an increase in water’s sensitivity to microorganism growth and algal blooms.

If you have your water coming through a Culligan softener or filter, you can feel comfortable and at ease with the water that everyone in your home is using.  Not only does Culligan have over 80 years of water treatment experience, but our great employees are local.  They bring local knowledge about the specific water problems facing the Modesto area, because they see the same problems in their own homes.  Regardless of what the water problems in your home may be, Lambert's Culligan will come up with a customized solution to make you and your home happier.  

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